Segmentation, Segue, Segway

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These are slides from the Institute of Fundraising Supporter Journey Conference 2018.

Here are some notes made from the presentation: 

  • Under promise to over deliver
  • Think about your lapsed regular giving journey. There are (sensitive) reasons why they have lapsed?
  • Supporters need to move fluidly along the different segments.
  • Find a middle ground internally. Make people understand that this is worth investing in. Everyone’s end goal is the same, we just talk about it in different ways.
  • Have monthly/annual meetings with your fundraiser. A working group.
  • Supporter led fundraising:
    • What will work for you? (the supporter)
    • How can we achieve that? (internally)
    • What does that look like? (together)


  1. Synergise communication channels
  2. Unified approach across teams
  3. Flexible and fluid journeys and segmentation
  4. Touchpoints focus on the supporters
  5. Under promise, over achieve
  6. Variables are your friend
  7. Be disciplined
  8. Plan and allow for the programme to evolve