How Charities Can Learn From The Corporate World

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These are slides from the Institute of Fundraising Supporter Journey Conference 2018. 

Here are some notes made from the presentation:

  • We make supporter journeys too complicated making them already out-of-date and boring
  • Look at KPMG Nunwood – The connected Experience Imperative
  • QVC voted top for customer experience in 2017 (think about why this is)
    • They create a persona of their customer and talk to/reach out to that persona in a way that is appropriate. We can do the same with our donors

Setting expectations: (brand promises)

  • What expectations do we give to people who might donate?
  • Set expectations accurately
  • Agree timings
  • Respond more quickly than they anticipate
  • Use plain English – no jargon
  • Fulfil or exceed your promise
  • Guide me through the process

Making memories:

First impressions are important, but the last impression we leave with the customer will leave the most lasting impression.

Small touches count in creating a lasting impression

  • Use their name
  • Summarise what has been achieve
  • Warn them of anyting that might go wrong, and what to do if it does
  • Reference any previous personal discussion
  • A warm goodbye and invitation to return
  • “it was my pleasure” v “you are welcome”
  • Ask: “Have I done everything you need today”?


The Ritz-Carlton collect data of their clients:

  • Likes/dislikes
  • Previous difficulties
  • Family interests
  • Personal interests
  • Preferred credit card
  • Recency/frequency of use (of hotel)
  • Lifetime usage/amount of purchase

Staff carry special notebooks to capture insight on each guest and input it into the database

  • Break the script for what is expected
  • What are our pain-points and how can we turn them into plus-points?
  • Language – all about the benefits. (conversational style)
  • A focus on quality – how will donating make them feel?
  • Have emotional intelligence