CASE STUDY: Mindful Monsters

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These are slides from the Institute of Fundraising Supporter Journey Conference 2018. 

Here are some notes made from the presentation: 

About SCOPE and Mindful Monsters:

  • Over 90% of their supporters came through face-to-face campaigns before the Mindful Monsters campaign.
  • 70% had heard of SCOPE but only 10% knew what they did.
  • Since the launch of Mindful Monsters (15 months ago) 95% of their supporter base are new. 1.8 million subscribers.
  • Saw a 70% increase in year 2.
  • They done this by putting the individual back into giving
  • The Mindful Monsters campaign meets a need and brings people on a journey to become closer to the cause. Retention levels are 9 times better and the campaign breaks even in half the time.
    • Mindful Monsters relies entirely on content creation
    • Continual testing and reviews on all touchpoints. Asking new questions every time.

Everyone is asking the same questions:

  1. How do I truly understand my supporters?
  2. How do we acquire supporters in the era of GDPR? How do we turn engagement into ££?
  3. How do we create amazing experiences to retain supporters?
  4. How do we get it right for supporters?
  5. How do we change our culture to become truly support-centric?

Five ways to put the individual back into giving:

UNDERSTAND: Start with the ‘small data’

ACQUIRE: Make yourself relevant

RETAIN: Begin each year at zero

GET IT RIGHT: Don’t debate, prototype

CULTURE: Go to them, bring them to you

  • ‘Small data’: finding the causation, the reason why. Use this to form how we communicate with people.
    • Helps inform making your brand relevant to the supporter, building trust.
    • GDPR – journey begins with the relevance of your brand to your supporters.
  • Create a great experience for your donor; creating a bond, resulting in them becoming Ambassadors.
  • Face-to-face makes things relevant
  • Meet audience need and people will pay for it
  • Ask questions! – to gain in-depth insights
  • Tailor your messaging and advertising and test them!
    • Who influences our donors and how do we tap into them (e.g bloggers)
  • Supporter experience needs to develop with the donor. Start each year at zero (LEGO). Maintain a continuous conversation.
  • It’s the experiences that make donors continue to support


Ensure the product remains sustainable, useful and scalable:

  1. Going back to our audience
  • Creating new insight
  • Asking new questions
  1. Challenging ourselves
    • Have we proven our hypotheses?
  2. Deep dive analysis
    • Who, what and when
    • Prioritising high impact tasks