HorsePower: The Museum of the King's Royal Hussars

HorsePower Museum tells an exciting story that started 300 years ago and remembers the regiments known today as The King’s Royal Hussars. The regiment famously took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade, fought at Waterloo and brought the game of polo to England. The museum’s colourful collection of elegant uniforms, fine paintings, richly embroidered textiles, silver trophies, medals and personal souvenirs gives a fascinating insight into how a cavalry soldier looked after his horse, and how horsemen eventually became tank soldiers. 

The museum also offers popular equipment handling and dressing up sessions for children, a successful programme of evening talks by established military historians, and a family history enquiries service. As the only cavalry museum in southern England, HorsePower, located in the historic Peninsula Barracks in the heart of Winchester, is THE place in Hampshire to find out about the traditions, service, courage and dash of soldiers whose role as shock troops is always to be in the front line of battle.


Peninsula Barracks
Romsey Road
SO23 8TS
Opening Times
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday - Sunday and BH Mondays 12pm - 4pm