The Diving Museum

The Diving Museum is an outreach project of the Historical. Diving Society which is a registered charity. The museum has been open 6 years and is an all volunteer operation. The exhibits cover all aspects of diving from underwater sports and spearfishing to military, commercial and scientific research diving. There is also an outdoor display of diving chambers and bells.

Our mission is to develop it into the National Diving Museum, to be open more days of the week, longer over the year and to take on permanent staff. To achieve this we need to restore the structure so it is suitable to house the museum exhibits allowing us to develop a high quality museum that preserves the history of the building, the history of diving and we want to work with the local community to achieve this.


No.2 Battery
Stokes Bay Road
PO12 2DH
Opening Times
11.00 am to 4.00 pm weekends & public holidays Good Friday until the end of October