About the Project

This project was unique in that it offered a bespoke programme of support tailored to meet the development needs of each participating museum. The programme included: three core training sessions; topic specific workshops; mentoring; one-to-one coaching sessions for Boards of Trustees; opportunities to make connections with prospective donors through showcasing events, Chamber of Commerce events and donor engagement events; a peer development programme; in-house training; masterclasses and online collaboration.

Each year (2014-17), up to ten museums joined the project and formed a cohort which completed the core training together and developed closer links to support each other through peer development and informal networking. The cohort model helped participants build connections which can be sustained beyond the life of the project. A Project Advisory Group made up of donors from the philanthropic and business community advised the project team and engaged with participating museums giving invaluable feedback and insight from a donor perspective.

In addition to the support given to the museums participating in the project, the Fundraising Portal aims to continue sharing the learning, specifically with museums from across the wider South region.

Although the project delivery ended in March 2018, the Portal will continue to be supported by our partner, Hampshire Cultural Trust, until 2021.